Digital Marketing Trends

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Bill Gates in the book Business @ the Speed of Thought explained that businesses, which will utilise the digital infrastructure and technology, will be ahead of their competitions. Though the technologies that he spoke about them are now obsolete and the book is outdated. However, the fundamental idea of the book still stands, i.e. technology will help you in evolving your business and putting it ahead of your competitors. But to stay ahead you have to follow and imbibe the changes and deploy them aptly.

Some Facts & Figures

  • In Adobe’s Digital Distress survey 76% responded that in the last 2 years marketing has changed the most compared to the previous 50 years.
  • 28% of marketers are using AI for recommending the product and 26% use it for optimising campaigns.
  • 57% of businesses are using AI to improve customer experiences
  • Chatbots have increased 36% of the overall conversation among visitors
  • Amtrak has increased 30% more revenue with the chatbot Ask Julie and 25% more bookings
  • Omnichannel engagement retains 89% of their customers compared to 33% without omnichannel customer engagement.
  • In 2019 Social Media ad revenue is expected to increase from $67 billion to $93 billion
  • By 2021 82% of Internet traffic will be on video
  • By 2022 voice search or voice commerce is expected to rise to $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion the U.S.

Based on these figures it has become obvious that there are few technologies that are making its way to the front or some that are already leading the trends in the digital world. Here we will discuss such top 5 trends in Digital Marketing that is going to impact the businesses immensely and the way we think of marketing.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

We are already aware that the basics of marketing are all about crafting the messages in a way that your customers get attracted to it. Now part of that deal is to incorporate the entire gamut of SEO optimization, customer acquisition, retention and engagement, search advertising, social media, pay-per-click (PPC), etc.

Businesses that do not engage with these will slow their profits, as they will be left behind. To be on top of the game and to ensure the success of your business its not only important that you engage with digital marketing but also include the latest trends of 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you are not using AI for your digital marketing the chances are you will soon fall behind since it is now powering customer segmentation, retargeting, click tracking, push notifications and even creating content. The way you use AI in your digital marketing depends on your business goals and the channels that you use.

2. Chatbots

Every person likes to interact with other human beings and hearing a voice that solves your concern. This is the reason that social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are investing in chatbots that are answering customers. Even if you are not using Facebook chatbot you can install it for your website for interacting with the visitors.

3. Omnichannel Marketing

Not very long ago multichannel marketing was considered to be an innovative way to communicate customers on multiple levels. But the recent trend is to step it up and bring in omnichannel marketing. This allows a consistent and seamless form of communication with customers across all channels.

4. AMP and PWA

People do not want to wait for a long time for a webpage to load and with most searches being conducted on smart devices Google initiated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that loads in less than 0.5 seconds.

There is also there is Progressive Web App (PWA), which is a middle ground between a native app and a normal responsive page but with better benefits like eliminating app development costs, allowing users to create shortcuts on their smart devices and such.

5. Personalised Email

The way email marketing was conducted even a couple of years ago is becoming obsolete. Now email marketing is becoming more personalised. Subscribers are sent emails that pertain to their interest thus ensuring the engagement with the content and showcasing your care.

The other notable mention that is part of the digital marketing trend of 2019 is Video marketing. Since people are spending more time on the smartphones they are more than willing to watch video content on such devices than traditional content on TV. Video content is becoming the trend and it is going to continue. Also, videos offer instant engagement compared to written content.

The Final Words

2019 is a year to look forward to in digital marketing and the trends. It is the year that will usher the new decade and how businesses will take advantage of the new tools and algorithms that the technology will bring in. It is also essential you bring in a team who have the expertise to integrate all these trends. If you need a trusted crew and the in-depth knowledge we at Grow with Hemi is here to help you with your 2019 marketing plans.

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